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e4e6 1'+1"
    Live Tournament MF-0006
    Live Gauntlet Nirvanachess 1.8 64-bit
    Live Tournament MB-0006
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Live GSEI events
    1. CIPS 2001 Pisa
    2. CIPS 2002 Pontedera
    3. CIPS 2003 Pontedera
    4. CIPS 2004 Roma
    5. CIPS 2005 Cutro
    1. CCC 2005 Bologna
    6. CIPS 2006 Como
    7. CIPS 2007 & 2. CCC Bologna

Engines: Downloads
Release dateProgramVersionNotes
2014.06.27cuteswiss1.3Tool to manage swiss tournaments with cutechess-cli.
2010.03.10variouslogosLogos of AlfChess, Capachess, Frank, RiNkO!, Uragano_3D, Butterfly, Chexa, Felpoengine and GChessIV by Alex Brunetti.
2010.03.03GChessIVv0.2.0Engine and book, by Andrea Griffini.
2007.11.09Soldat0.25b2Patch of version 0.25b by Alex Brunetti, correcting a bug that denied the engine from playing under WinBoard when using a starting position, and removal of the draw claim feature, often sent in non-draw positions.
2007.11.09Frank0.58Engine, book and source code included.
2007.11.12Gedeone1620bForce and go support and a small optimization, by Alex Brunetti.