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    1. CIPS 2001 Pisa
    2. CIPS 2002 Pontedera
    3. CIPS 2003 Pontedera
    4. CIPS 2004 Roma
    5. CIPS 2005 Cutro
    1. CCC 2005 Bologna
    6. CIPS 2006 Como
    7. CIPS 2007 & 2. CCC Bologna

Engines: Ratings

Rating list

1'+1" Elo ratings - Updated: August 17th, 2014 - 78,784 games

Rank NameRating Score Average
1Delfi 5.42657+21-2149%-327%872
2Delfi 5.3b2656+42-4259%-6022%226
3Delfi 5.32642+42-4257%-4521%226
4Delfi 5.12621+41-4157%-4027%226
5Delfi 5.02593+38-3853%-1025%254
6Delfi 5.22571+38-3851%+428%258
7Delfi 4.62558+43-4345%+5424%204
8Delfi 4.12525+47-4746%+2930%150
9Delfi 4.22511+52-5244%+4531%120
10Delfi 4.52500+45-4542%+5424%172
11Delfi 4.42496+52-5240%+6134%120
12Delfi 4.32495+53-5341%+6231%120
13Delfi 4.02490+50-5040%+6925%142
14Delfi 3.32481+76-7640%+8516%89
15Delfi 3.12468+43-4352%-1922%236
16Delfi 3.02428+44-4453%-3818%229
17Delfi 3.22402+33-3351%-1421%368
18Delfi 1.011566+42-4243%+21512%299
19Delfi 4.51Not yet tested
20Delfi 3.5Not yet tested
21Delfi 3.4Not yet tested
22Delfi 2.5Not yet tested
23Delfi 2.4Not yet tested
24Delfi 2.3Not yet tested
25Delfi 2.21Not yet tested
26Delfi 2.2Not yet tested
27Delfi 2.1Not yet tested
28Delfi 2.0Not yet tested
29Delfi 1.71Not yet tested
30Delfi 1.70Not yet tested
31Delfi 1.62Not yet tested
32Delfi 1.61Not yet tested
33Delfi 1.60Not yet tested
34Delfi 1.51Not yet tested
35Delfi 1.50Not yet tested
36Delfi 1.41Not yet tested
37Delfi 1.40Not yet tested
38Delfi 1.30Not yet tested
39Delfi 1.20Not yet tested
40Delfi 1.10Not yet tested
41Delfi 1.03Not yet tested
42Delfi 1.02Not yet tested

Table graphics by Kirill Kryukov

Created with Bayeselo 0056 by Remi Coulom

Offset: Spike 1.2 Turin has a fixed rating of 2729

Source: all tournament and gauntlet games available on this site